Cartoon Caption Contest: September 20 – 24

If you’ve never played before, here’s how it works: Come up with your own original, silly caption for the cartoon posted below, whatever you think the guy might be saying, and enter your caption(s) in the “Comments” space below. Use any name you want, just make sure the e-mail is correct, and my Kitten and […]

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Caption Contest Winners!

Congratulations Terence! You are the Cartoon Caption Contest Winner of the Month! My cat and I stayed up all night reading everyone’s captions, fought over which ones we each thought were the funniest, and this one made us both laugh aloud. We also chose two runners-up: Congratulations Leela! Congratulations Leigh! I hope you all had […]

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Cartoon Caption Contest: Dec. 11 – 14

If you’ve never played before, here’s how it works:Think up a good caption for the cartoon, submit it below in the comments box (use any name you want), and my cat and I will choose a winning caption on Dec. 15. I recommend thinking up your own caption BEFORE reading what others have written. The […]

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My cat and I choose Winning Captions!

My cat and I stayed up late reading your captions and laughing; So many really good ones! ( I think we broke a record with the number of entries!) We hope you had fun, and we hope you’ll play again for the next Cartoon Caption Contest. Congratulations to the two Runners-up!: And the September 2016 […]

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Cartoon Caption Contest! September 6 – 9

If you’ve never played before, here’s how: Type your own original caption(s) for the cartoon below, using the “Comments” space at the bottom of the page (any name you want), and my cat and I will choose our favorites. A winning caption will be announced on September 10, and the winner gets a copy of […]

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Painting a Mural!

Lavender for Luck on Pleasant Hill near Shade.

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BOK! BOK! (Linoleum cut chickens)

I decided to make an original card game, featuring chickens, and I wanted the images on the cards to have a consistency in appearance. I realized I could make stamps for the cards, and chose to do it with linoleum cut prints. I’d never made linoleum cut prints before (besides in 5th grade art class), […]

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Cartoon Caption Contest Winners!

My cat and I stayed up all night deliberating on the winning captions, and we chose one Winner and two Runners-up. All three winners will receive a copy of my book The Little ABC Book of Fears and Anxieties from Asteroid to Zombie, and first place also wins one million dollars. Congratulations, all!! x x […]

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Cartoon Caption Contest: May 30 – June 2

If you’ve never played before, here’s how it works: Take a look at the cartoon below and think up your own caption to enter. My cat and I will choose our favorite caption, and announce a winner on Friday. Enter your caption(s) in the “Leave a Reply” comments box at the bottom of the page […]

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Fears and Anxieties from A to Z

With the deadline approaching for the new book, I’ve spent the last few days finishing and formatting the book, 5 hours and 22 minutes ahead of schedule! (Whew!) The book will be available for everyone at Athens’ comic / pop culture convention Ratha Con, May 7 and 8. After that, I’ll make the book available […]

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